Student Banking

The School Banking program requires a School Banking Co-ordinator. As a volunteer Co-ordinator you will be helping teach financial literacy skills that will have a positive impact on the lives of our students. You will also be helping the P&C with 5% commission from banking deposits paid towards their fundraising.

Banking takes place once a week on a Tuesday, we currently have 3 volunteer Co-ordinators who take turns to do the banking on a roster basis. If you should wish to become a co-ordinator this would make the time commitment between 1-2hrs once every 4 weeks.

The responsibilities of the role include:

  • Collecting student deposits from the Office on a Tuesday

  • Counting money and processing deposits via a simple online system

  • Returning deposit books with tokens and any rewards back to the students via the teacher’s

    pigeon holes in the staff room.

  • Depositing the money at the nearest Commonwealth Bank branch or Australia Post outlet
    (Through quick chute so no lining up required).

The expectation is the deposits/banking will be completed within 24-48hrs after collection. It is very simple and we would be happy to show you the ropes. We are also supported by a Rep from the Commonwealth Bank who is on call to offer advice, share tips and encourage participation.

Helping out with this Program is a great way to get involved in the school community. If you would like to volunteer or if you would like you child to participate in School Banking please contact


Meredith Day-Jones
0416 925 322 Meredith.Day-Jones@cba.com.au

Multlit Program

The Multilit program is a literacy program for children who struggle with reading. It targets word decoding strategies and fluent recall of words. The program requires a commitment of once a week for about an hour. Each volunteer works with one child for about 10 minutes, up to 6 children can be involved (not all at once). It has proven to be very effective if delivered many times per week. It is fully supported and appreciated by staff. Liz Warrand coordinates the program and trains the volunteers.



Library Volunteers

We are a large school and our Library caters for approximately 700 students and 50 teachers. The Library runs 27 Library classes a week as well as all the administration tasks of a large Library. Volunteers are needed to help shelve and cover the books, which is a never-ending task. Best times to come in are anytime (except Thursday), quiet time in the Library would be 8.50-9.30am and 2.30-3.10pm (drop-off and pick-up times). Any help welcome, it only takes 10 minutes to shelve a trolley of books or 5 minutes to cover a new book.



Veggie Patch


Responsible for the operational running of the Patch. Liaising with internal and external key stakeholders to ensure the Patch remains a functional element of Melville Primary School.

Duties involve:

  • Writing a blurb to be included in the newsletter (fortnightly)

  • Organising planting schedules for teacher/student involvement (as needed, usually monthly)

  • Providing monthly updates at P&C meetings

  • Communicating with Teaching faculty regarding Patch initiatives (as needed)

  • Communicating with Your Patch (fortnightly)

  • Maintenance (fortnightly)

Patch initiatives as needed (I spend an hour or so a week on this)

Financial Controller

Responsible for the financial processes including monthly reporting, recording and auditing aspects of the Patch.

Duties Involve:

  • Reconciling monthly incomings/outgoings

  • Reconciling cash tin (after assembly stalls)

  • Providing monthly financial statement of activities for P&C

  • Organise reimbursements for out of pocket expenses (as needed)

  • Give monthly earnings (cash) to P&C Treasurer for banking

Assembly Stall facilitator

  • Oversee the Environment Ministry who harvest, set up and sell produce at weekly assemblies. Ensure students are organized (in attendance) for the fortnightly stall.

    Duties involve:

  • Organise students to be there to harvest at 8.00am on assembly days

  • Meet students at 8.00am on assembly days.

  • Oversee the harvesting, set up and sale of the stall

  • Assist the students in packing up the stall

  • Count the cash tin at the end of the stall

  • Notify the FC and Coordinator of revenue

General Committee

  • responsible for the functional support, ensuring the patch remains a sustainable, viable entity.

  • Duties involve:

  • Provide maintenance to the Patch (as often as we can get)

  • Conduct planting with the students, classrooms at a time (as needed)

  • Organising a watering roster and involvement in the manual process (as needed)

  • Initiative creation and involvement e.g. basil pesto (as needed)

  • Involvement in idea sessions (half yearly as a base, more often as required


  • All classrooms have an open door policy, classroom teachers will notify parents if they would like help with reading (before school), writing, comprehension or math’s groups within the classroom.

  • If your child is going on an excursion classroom teachers will often need parent assistance, please contact your classroom teacher if you can help.

  • Often classroom teachers will require the help of those who can sew to make sensory materials for the classroom, please contact your classroom teacher if you can help.

Sport Carnivals

  • Coaching

  • Refereeing

  • Marshaling

  • Time Keeper

  • Recording

  • Food Stalls – donating food and selling at the carnival

  • Cross Country Training – help making breakfast