School Psychologist

School psychologists help schools meet the social, emotional, learning and behaviour needs of students. Gillian King is our School Psychologist who works at our school Tuesday and Wednesday. She works closely with the school administration, teachers, students and parents to help schools make improvements that are good for all students, particular groups of students or individual students.

The School Psychology Service (SPS) provides a specialist psychological assessment, intervention and consultation service for schools. Services are provided:

  • For students, school staff, parents and inter-agency partners
  • Directly and indirectly
  • Proactively and responsively
  • At the individual, group, whole school and system levels
  • Using a scientist-practitioner model
  • By School Psychologists who are governed by a professional registration process and a code of ethics

If you require more information please do not hesitate to contact the school who will put you in touch with the appropriate member of staff.