Defining Bright Futures


Our purpose is to educate, inspire, nurture and challenge students in an inclusive and supportive environment ensuring they reach their full potential.


At Melville Primary School we believe:

  • Positive teacher-student relationships have a direct correlation with high engagement, student performance and student well-being.
  • Student success is maximised when strong partnerships exist between school, families and the community.
  • Strategies that have the highest impact on student learning are to be used consistently across the school to unlock the learning potential of every student.
  • Using learning intentions, success criteria and effective feedback enables student agency and nurtures dispositions towards learning.
  • Our practice directly impacts student performance, and we use data to drive next steps in teaching (how are we going, how do we know and how are we going to improve?).
  • In the importance of developing students to be culturally responsive, informed citizens who can actively contribute to reconciliation.
  • In an inclusive and diverse school community that values the unique backgrounds, beliefs, and perspectives of our families.