Multilit Program

The Multilit program is a literacy program for children who struggle with reading. It targets word decoding strategies and fluent recall of words. The program requires a commitment of once a week for about an hour. Each volunteer works with one child for about 10 minutes, up to 6 children can be involved (not all at once). It has proven to be very effective if delivered many times per week. It is fully supported and appreciated by staff. Liz Warrand coordinates the program and trains the volunteers.



Library Volunteers

We are a large school and our Library caters for approximately 700 students and 50 teachers. The Library runs 27 classes a week as well as all the administration tasks of a large Library. Volunteers are needed to help shelve and cover the books, which is a never-ending task. Best times to come in are anytime (except Thursday), quiet time in the Library would be 8.50-9.30am and 2.30-3.10pm (drop-off and pick-up times). Any help welcome, it only takes 10 minutes to shelve a trolley of books or 5 minutes to cover a new book.




  • All classrooms have an open door policy, classroom teachers will notify parents if they would like help with reading (before school), writing, comprehension or math’s groups within the classroom.

  • If your child is going on an excursion classroom teachers will often need parent assistance, please contact your classroom teacher if you can help.

  • Often classroom teachers will require the help of those who can sew to make sensory materials for the classroom, please contact your classroom teacher if you can help.

Sport Carnivals

  • Coaching

  • Refereeing

  • Marshaling

  • Time Keeper

  • Recording

  • Food Stalls – donating food and selling at the carnival

  • Cross Country Training – help making breakfast