General Information


The following siren times are in operation:

8.50am                    Day Commences

11.00 - 11.20am     Morning Recess

12.20 – 1.00pm      Lunch

3.00pm                    Dismissal

Students should arrive at school between 8.30 and 8.45am. Early arrivals must sit with their parent or in the senior courtyard. Students are not permitted to enter classrooms unless a teacher is present.


Our policy was established in consultation with the school community and children will not be able to play in the sun unless they are wearing a wide brimmed hat (this can be purchased through the uniform shop). The no hat no play policy is implemented all year round with exceptions for formal winter sport activities.


Children are discouraged from bringing valuables such as mobile phones, electronic toys/devices, jewellery, toys and/or watches.


Lost property is placed in containers in community covered areas. Parents and children may claim items of clothing from these points. Valuable items such as purses/wallets, watches are kept at the school office. The student Parliamentarians go through these containers each fortnight and any items with names are returned to the students.


Many community groups ask to use the school after hours. Application forms, which outline conditions of agreement, are available from the P&C Association, please contact the office for details. A bond will be required for use of school premises. A contract will be drawn up and will need to be signed by representatives of both parties. The school oval can be used after hours, bookings for this are managed by the City of Melville. The tennis courts may be used by members of the public after 4.30pm on school days, weekends and school holidays.


Only children from Year 4 - 6 may ride bicycles to school. Children under the age of 10 are discouraged but may ride if accompanied by an adult. Bicycles brought to school must be placed in the bicycle racks provided and locked. No responsibility is taken by the school for theft or damage. Bicycles are not permitted to be ridden around school buildings including the courts. Scooters are also kept at the bike racks. Skate boards or Ripsticks are not to be brought to school. Anything on wheels other than prams or wheel chairs are not to be ridden in the school grounds between 8am and 4pm. This applies to siblings and parents too. Bicycle helmets are required to be worn by law.


Children crossing the road at the intersection of Marmion and Rome Road must cross on the pedestrian lights. Children crossing Marmion Road near Curtis Road must cross with the Traffic Warden. Parents are encouraged to adhere to the road signs around the school and to respect the various road rules.

  • Please be vigilant at all times
  • Parking facing the traffic flow is illegal in WA


The Principal of a school may, for such a period as they deem necessary, exclude from school any child who is suffering from any contagious, offensive or infectious disease.

Communicable Diseases:

Chicken Pox, Measles, Rubella (German Measles), Mumps, Impetigo (School Sores), Diarrhoea, Cold Sores, Whooping Cough (Pertussis), Scabies, Head Lice (Pediculus capitis), Glandular Fever, Worms, Conjunctivitis etc.

Please refer to…


The Attadale Dental Therapy Centre, situated at Attadale Primary School on Wichmann Road, offers free dental service. To become eligible, new enrolments to the school will need to complete an application and consent form to enable the child to receive treatment. For further details ring the Attadale Dental Therapy Centre on 9330 5876.


All of the school grounds are dog-free zones for health and safety reasons. Parents are reminded that dogs are NOT allowed on school premises.


In the interest of health and to curtail the possible spread of pediculosis (head lice), hair should be checked regularly and long hair on both girls and boys should be tied back and away from eyes and face of student.


Parking spaces are at a premium. Please remember that the students, parents and staff at our school require that you park and drive safely around our school at all times. The STAFF PARKING area is for staff and commercial deliveries only. Children are not to be picked up and put down in this parking area. Parent carparks are found on McKnight Place and the Kiss n Drop on Curtis Road in front of the Djidi Djidi Community Building. The school driveway gates will be closed from 5.00 pm during the week, on weekends and school holidays.

Disabled bays are located in the staff car park, the Kiss n Drop area and the McKnight car park. These bays are clearly marked and are for students or parents who have the ACROD permit clearly displayed on the dash.


Our school assemblies are celebrations and are run every second Friday of term at 8.50am in the covered area. Each class is timetabled to host the assembly throughout the year. Parents are welcome to attend.


Parents are asked to replace school equipment that is lost or damaged by their children - reading books, musical instruments, library books etc.