Funded Projects

P&C Funded Projects for 2018

What a year it’s been!  Our total earnings for 2018 is a huge $68,061! 


Some of the major contributors were:

P&C Voluntary Contributions

Cake stalls


Entertainment Books (Buy your 2019/20 Entertainment Book here  )

Mango sales

Book Sale

Sausage Sizzles


Twilight picnic

Speak easy parent event


Thanks to all our volunteers and sponsors who supported these events, I’m pleased to confirm the P&C’s total outgoings amounted to $68,934 and helped pay for the following priority school funding projects:

 • Library furniture $2,073

Media Room Library $9,800

Class consumables $3,070

Ipads $7,956

Contribution to year 6 graduation $1,570

Maintenance of the Veggie Patches $4,155

Maintenance of the early childhood nature play $2,625

Help to families in need $2,166

Many other purchases of equipment and resources to help the school


In summary, we achieved exactly what we set out to achieve in 2018 and we couldn’t be more pleased. 

  • We consulted with the school and identified several priority school funding projects
  • We developed a jam-packed calendar of events and activities that resulted in $68K funds raised
  • We approved a spend of $69K to fund those key priority funding projects

An excellent result!