Contribution & Charges K – Year 6

Melville School Board has ratified the schedule of contributions and charges for 2024.

Parents can opt to pay the total costs for the year per child per year level (as indicated in the Contributions & Charges form).


The term “contribution” refers to a voluntary sum of money requested from parents to help meet the costs of materials, services and facilities provided in the delivery of the school’s educational program. Melville School Board has approved the following contributions: 

Kindergarten to Year 6 $60 per child.

The contribution may be made payable as an inclusion on the personal items list or paid at the school office before the end of term 1. If not paid on the personal items list this amount will be included on the term 1 invoice.


The term “charges” refers to costs that may be incurred in the extension of the school’s educational program. It is expected that all students will attend all incursions and excursions which relate directly to their academic, social and emotional development. 

Week 3 of each term, an invoice will be sent home to parents indicating the excursions/incursions their children will be participating in for the term. These invoices can be paid to the front office by cash, eftpos, credit card or by direct deposit to:

BSB 066121
ACCOUNT 00906068
REF Student Surname Initial & Room