In 2016, the community was consulted regarding the past present and future directions of the school. While the past was celebrated, it was with excitement that the school community recommended the rebranding of the school to be more in line with our community of today and the direction the school was heading for the future.

We enlisted the services of Mark Littlepage (Razoreye) who captured the essence of our school community with a unique contemporary design. Mark said,

“In reviewing the history of the Melville Primary School brand, we feel that it is important to hold on to the icons which have represented the school for over 60 years. Whilst historically the torch has been referred to as a symbol associated with ‘battle’ we have chosen to re-invent the icon’s meaning and focus on its strongest attributes. Our thinking is that the torch should symbolise ‘lighting the way’ with a sense of pioneering spirit which we spend years imparting to our students. As providers of education, we are not only responsible for showing them the way, but also providing them with the tools they require to become leaders in their community. It is also our job to give them confidence, resilience and to nurture them as they grow. For this, we have included the gum leaf - a strong, tall tree which is a true Australian icon.”

View the short video that highlights each element of the brand:

  • Gum Leaf – representing durability – toughness and resilience
  • Torch – representing leadership and lighting the path for the journey
  • Watering hole – following the song lines of the local indigenous people, the Noongar people

The branding brief can be viewed below.

Branding Brief