The Arts


Our Music program is well-loved at Melville PS which provides enjoyment for our Year 1 to 6 students one hour a week.

Students are involved in many activities, in school and out, that provide a rich music and arts focus. Some experiences include:

  • Beater Band lessons
  • WA Opera incursions
  • Melville Senior High School Swing Band incursions
  • Attendance at performances by private schools - Penrhos College
  • School participation in the WA Massed Choir Festival
  • School participation in the WAGSMS Concert 


Our Drama program runs one hour per week for students in Year 1 - 6. Children are provided with a range of activities to further extend their skills in Performing Arts. Students are engaged with activities such as:

  • Perform improvised, devised and scripted drama
  • Showcase performances, performed to an audience outside their own class group
  • Performing short comical sketches to the school community 
  • Dramatisation at ANZAC Day commemorative services 
  • Pantomimes 
  • Performance and production of educational films about social etiquette in conjunction with Curtin University